50 years of Szondi Institute, June 2019

The Szondi Institute

The Szondi Institute in Zurich was founded by Leopold Szondi in 1969 and is dedicated to the education of psychologists in the psychoanalytical therapeutic approach of “Fate Analysis”, to the further dissemination of knowledge on fate analysis, and to fate-analytical research.


Offers by appointment for continuing education of individuals and groups.

Fate Analysis

Fate analysis builds and expands on the depth-psychological concept of psychoanalysis. It works on the realisation that essential psychological conditions of individual existence are predetermined by the family heritage.

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Some Insight into the Szondi Institute in Zurich

The Szondi Institute Foundation was founded in 1969 thanks to a generous bequest.

Leopold Szondi’s Fate Analysis

The fate analysis developed by Leopold Szondi falls under the field of depth psychology. The observation of unconscious motives plays a crucial role in both its theoretical reflections and its diagnostic-therapeutic approach.