The Szondi-Institute


The Szondi Institute Foundation was founded in 1969 thanks to a generous bequest. In 1970, the education and research institute for fate analysis and general depth psychology opened its doors under the direction of Leopold Szondi in a prestigious property in Zurich-Fluntern.

The Szondi Institute Foundation is directed by a foundation council and the institute management. The foundation council oversees the foundation’s assets as well as the activities of its bodies and assumes the strategic direction of the institute’s activities.


The institute management is tasked with operational leadership. This comprises – in close collaboration with the study directorship – the educational, public, and administrative work of the institute. A professionally run secretariat takes care of daily duties and supports the foundation’s various bodies in carrying out its works.


The institute management maintains the relationships with other psychological organisations and institutes, organises the collaboration with the “Swiss Association for Fate-analytical Therapy” (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Schicksalsanalytische Therapie – SGST), as well as with the “International Szondi Society” (Internationale Szondi-Gesellschaft – ISG), and keeps the institute’s work under the attention of the broader public with symposiums, publications, and seminars.

The main tasks of the institute are:


  • The education and further training of psychotherapists for children and adults
  • The implementation of depth-psychological and special fate-analytical theory in applied psychological counselling
  • Depth-psychological and special fate-analytical research
  • Scientific contacts
  • The management of the scientific legacy of Leopold Szondi